Electric mobility


Electric mobility is a real revolution, due to multiple factors:

  • Raise awareness on environmental aspects of citizens, public administrations, research centres and industries;
  • Development of the Smart City and ICT systems: integrated system of information and planning models (energy, territory, environment, transport, services, etc.);
  • Different mobility models and vehicles ownership: shared transport, car and bike sharing, Uber, etc.;
  • Energy (not only electric) production and storage: renewable energy, self-production, storage systems, alternative fuels, etc.;
  • Technological innovations: environmental sustainability and energy efficiency of e-vehicles (EV), reduction of costs, battery capacity, development of high power charging stations (over 150 kW).


In the field of e-mobility, the Province of Brescia aims to:

  • promote the development of a charging network that supports the circulation of electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles, in accordance with the provisions of international, national and regional legislation
  • develop an efficient infrastructure that adequately covers the private access and public access recharge.

Past and current projects

e-MOPOLI – Electro MObility as driver to support POLicy Instruments for sustainable mobility strategy Lead partner: Province of Brescia Budget: around €2,0 ml Project approved and e co-financed by Interreg Europe Programme 2014-2020 – ERDF funds. The project will contribute to the European 2020 strategy for the promotion of electric mobility and alternative fuels transport systems, infrastructures and services for low-carbon mobility. The Regional and Local Authorities, involved in the project, will promote the deployment of electric vehicles and related charging infrastructure, for the implementation and purchase of alternative fuel vehicles in Local Public Transport, for the decarbonisation of private mobility and logistics and for greater use of renewable resources.

E-MOTICON “e-MOTICON e-MObility Transnational strategy for an Interoperable COmmunity and Networking in the Alpine Space” Lead partner: RSE SpA – Research on the Energy System Project partner: Province of Brescia Budget: € 2.2 ml Project approved and co-financed by Interreg Alpine Space Programme – ERDF funds The project aims to contribute to solve the inhomogeneous diffusion of Electric Mobility in the Alpine Space, providing to Public Administrations (PA) a transnational strategy, based on interoperability, for the planning of the public access charging infrastructure that can then be implemented in urban planning, mobility and energy instruments.

Project “RICARICA VALLI BRESCIANE” – Lombardy Region call for projects proposals for the development of charging infrastructure and for e-vehicles Lead partner: Province of Brescia Budget: around €400.000 The Province of Brescia, as coordinator of a territorial aggregation, participated and obtained the co-financing for the installation of a network of charging stations for electric vehicles: 12 normal power columns (22kH) and 2 high power (50 kW). The aim of the project is to facilitate the diffusion of electric vehicles, both in private and public sector, promoting the diffusion charging stations.

Project “Move in Green” – National Experimental Program of sustainable mobility home-school and home-work Lead partner: Province of Brescia Total Budget: around €1.5 ml The Province of Brescia, as coordinator of a territorial aggregation, participated in a national experimental program of sustainable mobility home-school and home-work for a total budget of 35 million euro. This Program finances projects, developed by one or more local authorities with a population of over 100,000 inhabitants, that promote sustainable mobility initiatives, including initiatives of piedibus, car-pooling, car-sharing, bike-pooling and bike-sharing, the creation of protected cycling routes for home-school and home-work trips, soft mobility options, workshops and educational events, educational programs and road safety, traffic reduction, pollution and parking of motor vehicles near schools or work places.

Project Cycle tourism – Oglio Cycle Route – Greenway Lead partner: Province of Brescia Total Budget: around €800.000 The Province of Brescia, as coordinator of a territorial aggregation, participated to a regional call for the “Promotion of cycling tourism in Lombardy”. The project was approved and involved the Province of Brescia, the Mountain Community of Valle Camonica, the Municipalities of Piadena, Calvatone, Ostiano, Bozzolo, Quinzano d’Oglio, Temù, Berzo Demo, Darfo Boario Terme, Malegno and Breno.

Membership of the Lombard Cluster Mobility Association (CLM) The Province of Brescia has joined the Lombardy Mobility Cluster Association (CLM) whose mission is to promote and facilitate the development of the competitiveness of Lombardy’s industry and mobility through pre-competitive research, innovation and “smart specialization “. The CLM is delegated by the Lombardy Region on Mobility initiatives, together with the National Association “National Technological Cluster of Terrestrial and Marine Mobility” and with other relevant stakeholders at national and international level.